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65 Dollars per Service, 65 Miles Included, 65 Cents per Mile Over

PPS pricing

Precision Process Serving offers competitive pricing for all of your civil process serving needs within the State of Oklahoma and 365 pricing makes the whole experience as hassle-free as possible. The process service fee includes service of documents in a timely manner and the original Return of Service Affidavit sent to you so you can file it with the appropriate court. The first 65 miles is included in the price. Travel required over 65 miles is billed at the rate of $0.65 per mile. The primary goal is outstanding customer service and the very best in work ethic and expertise. Pricing adjustments for unforeseen circumstances may be made when necessary, but anything like that will be discussed and agreed-upon if at all possible. The bottom line is this:

$65.00 per service in most cases.



We go out of our way and make reasonable efforts to get the job done quickly and correctly but at times we are simply unable to serve a respondent for a variety reasons. These include inaccurate addresses that are provided to us, the person has moved, and/or the person is being willfully evasive just to cite a few examples. Please be advised that if we take the time and make the effort to effect service on a respondent and we are unsuccessful, we will still charge the flat $65.00 for our effort. Again we are successful 99% of the time but we want to be upfront with you about this potential issue.

PPS Wants to Partner with You:

If you don't see what you are looking for, if your situation is complicated or unique, or you feel that our prices aren't competitive, don't go elsewhere! Simply contact us and we will work together to meet your process serving needs.

PPS pricing


365 pricing makes your experience hassle-free with most services being $65.

optional services

Optional Services

Need a same-day service or have an evasive respondent? We are here to help.



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